What We Do

At Black Crow Wood Craft we strive to make top quality hand made items.  We use as much reclaimed and recycled materials in our products as we can.  All of our items are hand crafted in our one man shop and each order is hand made to our customers liking.

About Us

Since as long as I can remember I have always wanted to create things. whether I was digging through my fathers "junk drawer" for nuts and bolts and pieces of anything that would fit together, or just making things from items that I had found.  I always helped my mother make all sorts of projects, from painting stuff around the house to helping her make things for her folk art classes.  I was always amazed at what my imagination would steer me to create.  I realized that I could make anything that I could think of.  My imagination could become a reality.  I now use this mentality to create custom items out of wood, leather, and metal. Anything that can be thought of I can try to make.  I try to use as much recycled and reclaimed materials as I can.  I am still to this day amazed at the things that I can make.

Shawn Geiger